ASP.Net Articles

Migrating ASP.Net config to IIS 7 Integrated mode

You have to face several configuration errors while migrating ASP.Net web application from IIS 6 to IIS 7. One of the main and well known error which ...


Reading a remote CSV and displaying it in a GridView

How to display a remote CSV file and bind it to a GridView without downloading or storing it temporaraily.


Insert, Update and Delete in GridView or Datagrid

This is a simple way to Insert, Update, Delete and Display through a single page.


How to Install SSL certificate in IIS and configure it with DotNetNuke

This article explain step by step that how to install the SSL certificate in IIS and how to configure it with DNN (DotNetNuke). In this article I am a...


Encryption/Decryption Connection Strings in web.config file

ASP.Net developers commonly stores all the configuration and sensitive information in plain text files called web.config and machine.config files. But...


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